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Rick English is a bone-fide Hollywood stunt performer who loves motorcycles and with a huge list of blockbuster movies to is credit, we're proud to have him on the show to talk all things Bond, bikes and being blown up!

Born in North Lincolnshire then moving to London as a fitness trainer, a chance conversation with a client lead him to the world of stunt performance. It was a hard road and the criteria to get on to the British Stunt Register is enough to make even the fittest people think twice...

Starting on TV roles in dramas like Holby City and Midsomer Murders lead to Rick being called upon for bigger and bigger roles. As the roles grew, hard work and dedication meant he was soon on the way to making his mark in the industry and eventually in to Hollywood blockbusters.

As well a the rough and tumble of the movie world, Rick is passionate about motorcycles and Martial Arts, hugely proficient in both areas it's a great way for Rick to unwind and keep sharp at the same time. He has just finished filming in the UK for a movie due out later in the year before heading away on location for another shoot in Spain soon.

He's a busy man and we were fortunate to catch him between movie shoots - to be honest it was four months in the making for Dave to finally get to chat with him!

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